Áhugverð myndskeið um tölvubúnað, frumherja og annað sem birtist við tilviljanakenndar flettingar.

The Computer Pioneers: Weizmann Video Oral History, segments 1-13
Data General Nova - 18 videos6DG Nova
PDP-11 Lunar Lander Program in Basic6DEC PDP-11
Computer History IBM’s 610 Auto-Point of 1957- IBM's First Personal Computer?5
A Look At An IBM System 370 Model 148 | VVCFMW 202038
The National Museum of Computing Tour10
Walter Isaacson - 26. Apps and the new economy11
he Original IBM PC 5150 - the story of the world's most influential computer27IBM PC 5150
IBM 1401 let's program #8, software theft before BitTorrent (primes)5IBM 1401
History of HP (1938 - 2011)8
How the Internet Was Invented | The History of the Internet, Part 112
The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh5Macintosh
Let's program an IBM 1401, part 4: let's load a program from card (hello world)9IBM 1401
The famous Nova mini computer by Data General 19691
IBM 083 card sorter up and running!3IBM 083
Most Popular Websites 1996 - 20198Most Popular
Rare Film: Vintage 1975-1978 Soviet Bloc Mainframe Computers (Russian with English narration)4thinking;soviet;thinking;
PDP-1 @Computer History Museum3
Mindset-The graphics workstation you've never heard of!19Mindset
A Brief History of Computer Viruses13
Walter Isaacson - 5. Mauchly and ENIAC12
Original »Apple 1 Computer«, 1976; 24 November 2012 - Auction7Apple
Walter Isaacson - 7. Grace Hopper and Programming10
Computer History 1967 Naval Photo Intelligence Systems; Security; AN/UYK-1 NTDS, UNIVAC25
Digital Computer Techniques: Computer Units (1962) - AT&T Archives24
IBM 1620 Jr. Project9
How Spanning-Tree Works | Network Fundamentals Part 2633Network Fundamentals
Macintosh 1984 Promotional Video - with Bill Gates!3Macintosh
What do historians of computing do | Professor Ursula Martin (Lecture 3)69
The First Magnetic Random Access Mass Memory with Interchangeable Media4RAM;Potter;
1979 - Introducing Sperry Univac System 80 Computer History, Educational40
Debugging the 1959 IBM 729 Vacuum Column Tape Drive at the Computer History Museum15IBM 729
GNT 4601 Paper Tape Punch - Punching Words into Paper tape5
Walter Isaacson - 24. Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and search engines22
Most Popular Operating Systems 2009 - 2021 (All Devices)4Most Popular
Computer History: 1968 IBM Magnetic Disk Pack Production Vintage Archives12ibm
Programming the PDP11, part 2 of 43PDP 11
Programming the PDP11, part 2 of 43
Bjarne Stroustrup - The Essence of C++99
The IBM System/360 Revolution111IBM 360
Testing an IBM PC110 Running Windows 9527Windows
Evolution of Microsoft21Microsoft
ZX Spectrum Next - Progress Update from Jim Bagley3Spectrum
What ARP does | Network Fundamentals Part 156Network Fundamentals
IBM 1401 let's program, part 1: overview9IBM 1401
Stanford Seminar - Learning from history: the how and why of starting a computer history museum55
Computer Architecture Complete course Part 1 | By Princeton University |600
Ken Olsen Thank You Employees18DEC;PDP;Ken Olsen;
Computer History: Memory & Storage 1950-1985 - (Core, disc, vacuum tube, etc.)6leo;
How to program IBM 1401 mainframe, part 5c: correcting the program (the missing card)5IBM 1401
Inside Seattle's Living Computer Museum2
The Sounds of DEC Mini-Computers11
Random Bits 0145: Computer History Museum42
History of Personal Computers Part 178
Linux for an Old Laptop21
Computer History: Librascope LGP-30 Computer (General Precision, CDC, personal minicomputer) 19565lgp;librascope;
Very Old Data Center 19922
How RIP Works | Network Fundamentals Part 2025Network Fundamentals
Jean Bartik and the ENIAC Woman6
AT&T Archives: Seeing the Digital Future (1961)16
Fundamental of IT - Complete Course || IT course for Beginners229
1968 “Mother of All Demos” by SRI’s Doug Engelbart and Team6
IBM System/360 Model 91 Operators Console at the Seattle Living Computers Museum + Labs2IBM System 360
1946 ENIAC Computer History Remastered FULL VERSION First Large Digital Electronic Computer10ENIAC
Computer History: IBM 1401 Product Announcement 1959, Data Processing Mainframe (& 7070)59
Walter Isaacson - 21. Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web22
IBM: Once Upon A Punched Card (1964) Vintage computing9Punced Cards
How IBM ended up using MS-DOS rather than CP/M (1995) [Computer Chronicles]28
Dauerausstellungen der Oldenburger Museen / Computermuseum7
IBM 729 (and other) mainframe tape drive - why the funny movement?2IBM 729
Vintage Computer: IBM SAGE - Edward R. Murrow 1957 (Cold War Radar Technology; See It Now)3ibm sage;
Watch Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's opening testimony to Congress5
Introduction to Networking | Network Fundamentals Part 112Network Fundamentals
Static route configuration | Network Fundamentals Part 1814Network Fundamentals
The Raised Floor - IBM Mainframe Computer Ops in the 1980s5
The Computer Pioneers, Weizmann Institute, segment 137
Who Invented the Computer?5
Pocket Computers from the 1980s23Pocket Computers
DEC / Digital Computer Terminals3DEC;VT;
IBM 1401 tribute to Apollo XI14IBM 1401
Bjarne Stroustrup - Computer History Museum 2015 Fellow Award Recipient5
Data General Nova 1200 Chassis - A Really Close Look29DG Nova
Digital Computer Techniques: Programming (1962) - AT&T Archives13
PDP-11 System Tour: Overview, Processor, and Backplane46
1954 -IBM 704 Computer Film Narrated - Computer History Archives3
Walter Isaacson - 2. Lecture on Ada Lovelace9
RE-PC in Seattle - Computer Museum8
The History of Apple in under 10 minutes9
Data General Nova Party Exhibits16DG Nova
Episode 43 - ENIAC, Part I57
Machine That Changed The World The Interview with Steve Wozniak 1992104
The Computer Pioneers, Weizmann Institute, segment 2100
HP and Overland 9-Track Tape Drives Demo18
Very First Video Games EVER! The History of Computer Space & Space War - The Irate Gamer6
Most Popular Operating Systems (Desktop & Laptops) 2003 - 20193Most Popular
Vintage Film IBM Computers in Banking 1959 Punch Card Accounting, Computing History20ibm;bank;
Commodore History Part 1- The PE20The Pet
Getting Started with Domain Name System (DNS) | Network Fundamentals Part 1713Network Fundamentals
Betting Your Business - Part 1 of Old HP 3000 Marketing Video16
1963 Burroughs Computer History Archives Project, Datatron, ElectroData, B5000, B270 UNISYS27
Walter Isaacson - 19. Human Computer Interfaces 3 Apple10
How TCP and UDP Work | Network Fundamentals Part 711Network Fundamentals
Walter Isaacson - 25. The iPhone and Steve Jobs16
1969 IBM 2770 DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEM ( Extended Version )9ibm 2770
Loading 9-track tape into a Qualstar 3412.1qualstar
Establishing Connections With TCP's Three Way Handshake | Network Fundamentals Part 86Network Fundamentals
Alan Turing, Grace Hopper, and the history of getting things right | Ursula Martin (Lecture 2)55
Understanding Access Control Lists | Network Fundamentals Part 1423Network Fundamentals
Comparing Architectures: VAX, Alpha, Itanium and X86-64 (OpenVMS Boot Camp 2017)50
158,962,555,217,826,360,000 (Enigma Machine) - Numberphile12Enigma
Colossus - The Greatest Secret in the History of Computing60
Most Popular Cell Phone Brands Ever 1977 - 20209Most Popular
J. Presper Eckert talks on ENIAC one of world's Largest Computers, interview6eniac
Evolution of Google16Google
Walter Isaacson - 20. Who Invented the Internet?20
Herman Hollerith Punch Card Machine9
How VLANs Work | Network Fundamentals Part 1220Network Fundamentals
Big Iron: The Mainframe Story33
Computer History: DEC PDP-11 CPUs and Architecture9
Hack42 Computer Museum7
Moshix delivers an IBM S/370 and tours a mainframe data center - M11213
TCP/IP Model (Internet Protocol Suite) | Network Fundamentals Part 611Network Fundamentals
HP Origins26
What is Ethernet?9
PDP-10 Digital Equipment Corporation KA10 CPU7DEC PDP-11
Best old PC games 1980s 1990s10Games
Walking through computer history with Apple cofounder Woz at the Computer History Museum39
Digital DEC PDP-11 - Disc Packs, Tape Drives and Terminals!7
Walter Isaacson - 6. Bletchley Park, Turing, and Colossus12
Evolution of Laptops14Evolution
LGR - Strangest Computer Designs of the '70s8
Let's program an IBM 1401 mainframe, part 5: bootloaders, list printing, & batch processing20IBM 1401
What Operating System is the Best16
The Dragon Professional - Extremely Rare and Never Released Vintage Computer6DEC PDP-11
1957-1959 IBM 704 Computer - Vanguard Satellite Program "Science in Space" (Burroughs Datatron) NASA29ibm 704;burroughs datatron;
Data General 5th Generation MV/Family announcement25
Rare IBM Film: "The Big Switch" 1963, and 1410 Data Processing System, Computer Network Automation101410
Introduction to Spanning-Tree | Network Fundamentals Part 254Network Fundamentals
IBM 1401 let's program #7, testing a program from the CHM 1401 team3IBM 1401
The Incredible Machine (1968)15The
Computer History RCA 3301 at PENTAGON 1960's Underground Data Center IBM, STRATCOM High Def Color11
Cray-1 Supercomputer 30th Anniversary102Cray-1
1966 -1967 IBM System/360, IRS Data Center Computer History Archives5
AT&T Tech Channel - How a Computer Works. Great Tutorial From 196216
HP3000 Micro3000XE System Overview4
1952 IBM Card Programmed Calculator - CPC Computer History Archives; WWII, Plugboard, vacuum tubes7ibm
IBM 14011IBM 1401
Walter Isaacson - 13. Video games 2 - Nolan Bushnell and Atari10
ENIAC: The First Computer2
Computer Pioneers & Pioneer Computers104
Charles Babbage and His Difference Engine #26
1970 - IBM Vintage Computers Promo Film - Historical Data Processing21IBM 1401;System 360;2260
Q&A session with Linus Torvalds: Why is Linux not competitive on desktop?3
Punch Card Programming - Computerphile15
IBM 1401 programming, hands-on tutorial part 3: word marks and word length8IBM 1401
Computer Punch Cards Historical Overview - IBM Remington Rand UNIVAC - History Archives, # CH-009311
Files & File Systems: Crash Course Computer Science #2012file;
IBM 1401 sort7: sorting only - uncut - R1310
1919-1970 IBM Computer History- Early Computers, Tabulators, Punch Card, Mainframe, Educational22ibm
The Evolution Of CPU Processing Power Part 2: Rise Of The x8622Evolution of CPU Processing
Sending Logs to a Syslog Server | Network Fundamentals Part 238Network Fundamentals
Bubbles Whiting - Using Punch Cards - Hollerith and IBM15
1957 - 1960's IBM 705 Mainframe Computer Data Processing- USAF Military Punch Card, Educational20
Computer History: Apple, Steve Wozniak's insights (Microcomputer, PC) (excerpt)6Steve Jobs;Steve Wozniak;
IBM 1401, A User’s Manual "Processing Unit" Johann Johannsson9Jóhann Jóhannsson
1951-1968 Early Computer Magnetic Tape Units- History IBM, UNIVAC, RCA, AMPEX - Educational Video28
Creating a Hello World Program in Visual Basic for DOS6DOS Basic
1950-1983 Computer History at Lawrence Livermore Nat's Labs, UNIVAC LARC, IBM, CDC, CRAY19
The Computer Pioneers, Weizmann Institute, segment 1252
Enigma Machine - Computer Museum of America5Enigma
The IBM 1401 mainframe runs "Edith"1IBM 1401
Computer pioneers3
VLAN Trunk Links | Network Fundamentals Part 1327Network Fundamentals
The History Of Computers, Programming, and Coding45
Walter Isaacson - 4. Early digital computers of the 1940s14
The History of Computing14
Wang 2200 basic computer from 19752
The Brief History of Programming Languages16
Visit to: The National Museum of Computing15
1969 Burroughs B6500 Computer Vintage Mainframe History (UNISYS, Data Processing, Pasadena))14
ENIAC: Computer History 1946 "Behind the Scenes" Commentary, Trivia, History, Film Restoration8eniac
The early history of computing | Professor Ursula Martin (Lecture 1)62
Digital PDP-11/708DEC PDP-11
History of Personal Computers Part 274
Ask the Experts | Who built the first computer - and when?12
How to Use NAT | Network Fundamentals (Part 21)21Network Fundamentals
IBM 1620 Software Library90
Running IBM 604, 1948 computer3
How TCP Handles Errors And Uses Windows | Network Fundamentals Part 99Network Fundamentals
Tour of a Digital MicroVAX II31MicroVAX
Walter Isaacson - 9 Can Machines Think18
he Evolution Of CPU Processing Power Part 3: The Origin Of Modern Operating Systems21Evolution of CPU Processing
Programming the PDP11, part 4 of 42PDP 11
Programming the PDP11, part 4 of 42
The Computer Pioneers, Weizmann Institute, segment 106
Mainframe Killer: the HP-35 Calculator - It Made Obsolete the Mainframe Computer and the Slide Rule12
Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 20195
Computer History IBM System/370 Mainframe original technical announcements 197014ibm;system;370
D6: Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer Condensed Chat 17
Evolution of Computer 1930 To 2021 || History of the Computer5
Compression: Crash Course Computer Science #211900-01-12 00:00:00
Walter Isaacson - 22. Justin Hall, Ev Williams, and Blogging15
PDP 11 23 & CDC Drive9DEC PDP-11
Computers: A History62
Computer History IBM 305 RAMAC and 650 RAMAC, 1956 (350 Disk Storage)9ibm;305;650;ramab;
1985 Boston Computer Museum Tour (TCM) Computer History: tour former Boston museum7museum
USB Ports, Cables, Types, & Connectors2
IBM 5360 System/36 - Starting up for the first time in 20 years1
1968 IBM Magnetic Disk Pack Production, System 360, Computer History Archives Project12ibm:system 360;
Vintage Computer: IBM 650 Data Processing COMZ Army Logistics (1956-1959) France5ibm 650;
Debugging the 1959 IBM 1401 Computer at the Computer History Museum11IBM 1401
Old computer boot up Windows 951Windows
1963 Timesharing: A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks28IBM 7090
Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone (MacWorld 2007)4
MASM 32-bit Windows Assembler150Windows;Assembler
Routing Protocols and Traffic Forwarding | Network Fundamentals Part 199Network Fundamentals
Working DEC PDP8/S3
History and Generation of Computers11
HISTORY OF COMPUTER IN TAMIL/computer starting point\ first programmer in tamil\3
How a CPU is made10
Mainframe operating system IBM MVS 3.8 on Windows for beginners - M4473
Computer Pioneers: Pioneer Computers Part 153
Herman Hollerith in One Minute1
The Visionaries: Pioneers Who Shaped the Computer Industry10
Science in a Golden Age - Al-Khwarizmi: The Father of Algebra25
Walter Isaacson - Steve Case and Isaacson on AOL and startups and entrepreneurs28
The basics of BASIC, the programming language of the 1980s.24
Hewlett-Packard HP 9000/520 (9020AS) computer from 1986 in 2021.29HP
Walter Isaacson - 29. Lecture Section 230 #219
The Evolution Of CPU Processing Power Part 1: The Mechanics Of A CPU15Evolution of CPU Processing
Vigilance and Vacuum Tubes: The Sage System, 1956-196399
Walter Isaacson - 27. Lecture Microsoft Antitrust18
Magneto Era (1876-1900)33
PDP-10 @Computer History Museum1
Vintage Computer History: Ken Olsen and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) (PDP, VAX)20
Tediously toggling a program into the IBM 1401 mainframe12IBM 1401
Intel 486DX2 66mhz Startup Sounds1Intel 486
An Introduction to Digital Computers (1969)22Perry Univac
Wang Professional Computer (Hardware/Software Tour) - Paul's Old Crap40Wang
Walter Isaacson - 16. Software -- Bill Gates and Microsoft16
Computing by Steam6
IBM 1401 programming, hands-on tutorial part 2: 8 bits are not a number4IBM 1401
1970 IBM System/370 Mainframe Computer History Archives Project Original Films14
AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System27
The Computer Pioneers, Weizmann Institute, segment 9105
Does Network Time Really Matter? | Network Fundamentals Part 229Network Fundamentals
1969 IBM System/3 promotional ad - midrange, minicomputer, Computer History, RPG12IBM System /3
IP Addressing in Depth | Network Fundamentals Part 521Network Fundamentals
Memory & Storage: Crash Course Computer Science #1912
Evolution of Intel | History of Intel ( 1971-Now )3
Cabling Devices | Network Fundamentals Part 225Network Fundamentals
The IBM 1401 compiles and runs FORTRAN II24IBM 1401
What is a Server? Servers vs Desktops Explained2Server
Walter Isaacson - 15. Personal computers 2 - The Birth of Apple17
What's inside the World's First Apple Museum?4Apple
The History of IBM: the Personal Computer to Watson5
Paper Tape Reader demo3
Computer History: IBM 1401 Mainframe Data Processing System 1960 ENGLISH version (HD)8
Linux Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to Linux Operating System149
IBM System 360 Mainframe Computer History Archives 1964 SLT, Course # CH-0818IBM 360
How IP Addresses Work | Network Fundamentals Part 416Network Fundamentals
The Transistor: a 1953 documentary, anticipating its coming impact on technology10
Ken Olsen DEC 1957 - 198919Ken Olsen
IBM System 390 Computer room circa 19903IBM 390
Commercial for IBM's Selectric Typewriter 1960's1IBM kúluritvél
Ken Ross and Paul Laughton demo the IBM 140128IBM 1401
Evolution Of Windows Operating System (1985 - 2021)13Windows
Evolution Of Computers 1936 - 2020 | Computer History, Documentary video5
How SNMP Works | Network Fundamentals Part 2411Network Fundamentals
Most Popular Web Browsers 1993 - 20204Most Popular
Computer History Automated Check Processing 1989 Federal Reserve BANK tour (women computing)13bank
Computer History: Origin of the UNIVAC 1103A Scientific Computer (1953, 1956) ERA, Sperry Rand16Univac 1103A
Walter Isaacson - 8 The Women of ENIAC13Eniac
1970's IBM vintage computer promotional film - Historical Educational21IBM
How Switching Works | Network Fundamentals Part 1131Network Fundamentals
Clemson Computer Center Tour 1980 480p13IBM 3033
Best-Selling Computer Brands 1996 - 20192
Computer Pioneers: Pioneer Computers Part 254
Mainframe quiz - Win an IBM S/370 mainframe! - M10032
Walter Isaacson - 17. Human-Computer Interfaces 1 -- Doug Engelbart11
Birth of BASIC38
Walter Isaacson - 23. Early internet directories -- David Filo, Jerry Yang, and Yahoo!6
Walter Isaacson - 14. Personal computers 1 -- Ed Roberts, the Altair, and the Homebrew Computer Club12
Walter Isaacson - 11. The microchip16
DEC pdp-8f8
Walter Isaacson - 1. Introduction Lecture for The Digital Revolution10
The Cray Way6
Programming the PDP11, part 3 of 45PDP 11
Programming the PDP11, part 3 of 45
Windows1 (1985) PC XT Hercules16Windows
Walter Isaacson - 28. Lecture Section 230 #110
Cisco CLI for Beginners | Network Fundamentals Part 1033Network Fundamentals
Walter Isaacson - 10. The transistor13
Let's Look At Some Big, Expensive Old Servers!28
False Dawn: The Babbage Engine6Babbage
Programming the PDP11, part 1 of 46PDP 11
IBM Computer History: 2770 Data Communications System 1969 Announcement, vintage technology film8ibm;data;
How the OSI Model Works | Network Fundamentals Part 317Network Fundamentals
IBM 1401 let's program #9, read IBM 729 tape drive and print nice list8IBM 1401
M4 DATA 9914 9 track tape drive loading1IBM 9914;tape drive;
Vintage 1968 - 1970: Hewlett-Packard's 9100 Computer (Calculator) teaching, learning aids22hp;hewlett-packard;9100
Computer History: Origin of IBM SABRE Reservation System (American Airlines) 7090 mainframe 196015ibm;sabre;7090
Ibm 5360 first try2
1964 IBM 029 Keypunch Card Punching Demonstration6IBM 029
IBM 1401 howto: sort7 tapesort - R1217IBM 1401
An Introduction to Algorithms66
Comparing C to machine language10Machine Language
Walter Isaacson - 12. Video games 1: Spacewar13
1982 Computer Programmer Working from Home - (ICL 2966 mainframe) (BAe 146 Aircraft) (work at Home)3icl;
Walter Isaacson - 3. Claude Shannon and circuits10
IBM 1401 VDC howto: unlock the "punch card im/export" achievement2IBM 1401
1961 IBM Film: "What is Electronic Data Processing?" Computer History Educational16ibm
Computing Conversations: The Living Computer Museum8
Galdor Computing and the ICT 130127
1962 Burroughs B260 Computer announcement, History, Unisys, Mainframe - Educational6burroughs;B260;unisys;
ChrisTurner - Acorn104
What DHCP is all About | Network Fundamentals Part 1616Network Fundamentals
1401: The Dawn of a New Era9IBM 1401
Computer History: DATA PROCESSING Introduction (1972) (IBM 360, Burroughs, CDC, MICR, punch cards)13IBM 360, Burroughs, CDC, MICR
Secret History of Silicon Valley63
Linux: The Origin Story8linux
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